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Monday, April 10, 2006

here are some of my books. some of these (like the right to privacy, the joys and challenges of motherhood, memories of midnight) are borrowed from family & friends. i'll make sure to return them before the year ends. =)

i can't think of any valid reason why it took me sooooo long to write here again. but my church work occupied my days. oops! my year, to be exact. i had no time to jot down even a line or two. now, i will not promise to do this regularly, as promises are made to be broken. look what happened before!

my books inspired me to write again. the last time i told you about my bestfriend's gifts for me arriving soon: the woman in white & a tree grows in brooklyn. they're now with me but i still haven't read them. same old reason...not enough time to indulge myself.=(

luckily (i think the universe always conspires with me...everytime i think of a book, it will definitely come my way in, not more than, three month's time...thanks GOD!), i was able to add to my collection by going to second-hand book sales here in my place.

i now have the golden notebook, on death & dying, pride & prejudice (read it long ago, borrowed it from a friend), etc. gotta go. i'll check some more of my stuff.


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